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Sunday Message Oct 6 – 2103 “Maturing Maturity”

Title: Maturing Maturity



May God richly bless you through this message from His Word.

Pastor Don

Sunday Morning Message, May 19, 2013

Title: Essentials of Our Faith – Church Involvement?

Download: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1200029167

Playback: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1200029167/play

Yes, the question is part of the title!  Learn what the Word tells us about church involvement and come back each week to learn more about the Essentials of Our Faith!

May 5, 2013 Sunday Morning Message

This is the powerpoint presentation for Getting Past the Past –
Getting Past the Past

Title Getting Past the Past Again

Download: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1200019590

Playback: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1200019590/play

May God bless you through the preaching of His word!

Here is a link to the video played during the message. We started the video about 56 seconds into it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DK4hDga3G0

Pastor Don’s Message from Sunday March 17, 2013

Gospel Obedience

Playback: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1199987228/play
Download: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1199987228

Praying for God’s richest blessing on your life as we are learning to know Him together!

Pastor Don Julian

How can I believe in Jesus and be reconciled to God?

Sermon Title:  Our New Personal Faith Sermon Text: Romans 10:6-21

Download: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1199888992

Playback: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1199888992/play

Our New Relationship

Amazing Grace!

Message Title: Our New Relationship

Message Text:  Romans 10:1-5

Download: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1199881463

Playback: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1199881463/play

With Prayer,  Pastor Mark

Dan and Anna Julian’s update for Spain Ministry


Romans 7:7 – 8:4 Our New Walk

Our walk in Christ is like a closed book on the old life and a series of new books for our new life in Christ!

Title:  Our New Walk
Playback: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1199833447/play