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Sunday Message – Mother’s Day, 2016

Title: The Mother of Nations (Assoc. Pastor Bob Brannon)


May God strengthen your faith through the preaching of His word.

Happy Mother’s Day Message

Proverbs 14:1,
“The wisest of women builds her house,
but folly with her own hands tears it down.”

Title:  Mom’s Tool Bag!

Download: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/119914487

Playback: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/119914487/play

With prayer,  Pastor Mark

Mother’s Day Message to the Men

Today was a special day for mother’s at Grace Bible Church.  All the mothers were recognized and then Pastor Don called on the children to come forward, pick out a rose, and give it to a mother.  Many presented their own mother or grandmother with a rose.  The smiles on the faces of both moms and children were priceless.  What joy in appreciation for God’s gift of mothers!

As part of Grace Bible’s recognition of God’s call upon Peter Eldridge’s life to minister as God has gifted him,  he was presented with a Certificate of License to the Gospel Ministry at the close of the service.   As part of this licensing process Peter was asked to preach today and next Sunday.   God lead him to preach today to the men as a gift to mothers.  Next week, Lord willing, he will be preaching to the Woman.

The title of today’s message to men is a question “Real Men do What?”

Give the message a listen to find out the answer:

Download: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/2676953

With prayer, mark