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Sunday Message — March 2, 2014

Title: A Literal View of Genesis and Creation: Is it important to our Faith?

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May God strengthen your faith in Him through the preaching of His word!

Next “God Is” Devotinal – God is the Creator

What does the fact of God being the Creator imply about Him?  How should this truth affect us?

Click on the title to see  some devotional thoughts in answer to these questions:

God is the Creator!

Have a great week!

With prayer,  Pastor Mark

New Devotional Posted!

Since the birth of my third grandchild I have been thinking about life.   Click on the title of this week’s “God is” devotional to read my thoughts and find some verses to meditate on about our life-giving God:

Devotional: God Is the Giver of Life!

Have a great week and let us know how we can be of help to you.

With prayer,  Pastor Mark

Sunday – August 14th, 2011

Today in the absence of our Senior Pastor one of our other elders stepped into the pulpit.   Bob Brannon, who works in the Big Sky State of Montana as a Biologist, addressed the question, “Are Creation and Evolution Compatible?”  I believe that Bob once espoused evolution as the answer to our origins but has clearly come to believe in a Divine Creator God.    It is not the micro evolution that can be observed within a species that He is concerned about in this message but the macro evolution that is clearly opposed to the Biblical teaching in Genesis one.  I hope you enjoy all the Scripture that Bob reads as part of the message.

Title: Are Creation and Evolution Compatible?
Text: Genesis 1-11 and various other passages
Download: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/2753012

Blessings to you in Christ,