Secure Directory Online

If you are in the directory, you can look up others. Otherwise you cannot. This is secure and can only be accessed by those in it. You can find yourself and make changes if needed to your own data. 

Click on the following link now (or as soon as you have time) and below the sign-in window is a place to click to set up your own password for access, just click “request password.” If you go to this site on your cell phone it will work also.  You will not need an app on the phone to access this. It will simply conform to your mobile browser. On the phone, once you sign in, the edit button is at the bottom, but the directory tab is at the top where it is on the computer browser.

You should go into the directory and make sure the information others in our church will see is accurate. Please change your address if you move. Your birthdate will show for others, but the year will show only to you. The year is needed for the database to function completely accurately. Also, please add or change emails to ones that are active. You will be able to check your other family members info as well.

Once you go into your own site online, you will see your own information (and family members) and you can click an edit button at the upper right and change anything that is not correct.  You should also see all your family members listed on the left.  You can change any of their information if needed and in the same way.

If you do not see all of your family members there, please let the church know. It means we have to add them to our database for some reason, or it may mean they have been separated out as their own unit because they are grown and out of the home. However, you may be able to click on “related family” on the left and find them if they have been separated out. Let the church know if you have questions about this part.

Also, there is a place on the left to upload a picture of yourself.  If you take the time to upload pictures of your family, it will be a help to new people as they are added. Please upload a picture. After you upload it you can click on it to edit it somewhat.

Once you have acquainted yourself with your own personal and family information, made changes, and uploaded pictures, you can find the directory or others from your personal site with the following instructions:

There is a file tab named “involvement.”  When you click on that tab, you will see a link called the Grace Bible Church Directory that will list everyone in the directory, including you, with email address, phone, address, etc.

Please let the church know by email if you have questions.