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Sunday, April 15 – Sermon: The Christ Centered Life!

Pastor Don’s introduction that we failed to get recorded:   What is at the center of your life?  Think about your life, like a spoked wheel.  And everything you think about and all of your activities are the spokes.  What is at the center?  The hub, or that which is at the center of your life, is usually what you love.  For many, it is themselves, and the world might as well revolve around them.  Some people are all about sports, or they are all about a particular sport, or a particular hobby, or their career has become the center of their life, the hub all activities and thoughts are connected to.  Life is wasted in all these cases.  We have been going through the life of David, a man after God’s own heart, who we see really had Christ at the center of his life.  I could say God was at the center of David’s life, but even in that day, it was God in Christ, because anyone who really knew God could see they could only know God because God was our Redeemer, from sin, and the coming Christ was to bring redemption.  In David’s day redemption was in the sacrifices of the priests, all foreshadowing Christ… (the audio takes up here and below the audo link here, you will see the pictures of the ark spoken of during the audio message)

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Title: The Christ Centered Life!


















Special Church News: A new brother to show off!  Happy times! Life is a gift from God!

2012 Easter Service: He is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!

We began our service with this video:
Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Twitter Style

Title: The Path to Glory

Video Illustration during message – Pause sermon audio and watch at the time indicated:

Have a worshipful Resurrection Sunday!  Blessing to you in Christ!

With prayer,  Pastor Mark

Remembering our Savior . . .

Precious time of communion with our church family today!

We started-out the New Year at Grace with Communion and . . .

Today’s service included worshipful music focused upon the sacrifice of Christ, some testimonies, and a demonstration of foot washing  with an exposition of the lesson that Jesus was giving to us in John 13.   We also welcomed some new members into the congregation.  What a blessed day and way to start the new year!



Title: Object Lessons of the Master



If you are wondering what this is all about, you will have to give the whole message a listen!  Blessing to you in the Name of Christ in 2012!

With prayer, Pastor Mark

Early Morning Men’s Bible Study and Prayer!

We meet at the annex room at the sheriff’s office at 6:30 a.m. almost every Thursday — visitors are always welcome!

Christmas Tree Hunt at the Hirschy Ranch

Thanksgiving Fellowship Meal