GBC Coronavirus Update

Grace Bible Church Family,

We are living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus has impacted the normality of life throughout the world. Quarantines, meeting restrictions, and social distancing have been implemented in order to manage the spread of coronavirus. Whether it be fear of infection or fear of economic collapse, the propensity to be given over to worry and anxiety has overwhelmed much of the world’s population.

It is at this moment of crisis and uncertainty of the future that the church shines most brightly. Every crisis is enveloped by God’s mighty hands of grace, and all uncertainty of the future is met by comfort because the Christian knows the future to which he or she has been called. Jesus Christ is the message of life and hope that we have to offer the world. The power of the gospel cannot be stopped and it cannot be bound.

Churches throughout the world have sought to honor the Lord by loving their neighbor and upholding the governmental recommendations and regulations to participate in social distancing by moving to a web-based meeting format. The leadership of Grace Bible Church has determined that this is the wisest decision to make at this time. For the month of March, Grace Bible Church will be hosting all of its services online. Following the last Sunday in March, we will determine if we will meet together in person or continue online services.

GBC is excited about resources we will be putting out which include: sermon messages, recorded children’s lessons, parent to child evangelism trainings, marriage resources and more. We thank God for the plethora of online resources available from many different ministries, but we encourage you to make a priority of participating in GBC’s own resources (as we release them), as this is the local body Christ has put together to edify and encourage one another. As our children listen to the same lesson on Sunday, or our families are taught by the same sermon, it gives us a way to stay connected even from a distance.

Currently all small groups have been suspended to slow the spread of the virus. We plan to host interactive live services and studies to maintain the midweek connections which are so important.

With the knowledge that God is working all things out for His glory and for the glory of His church, we have the utmost confidence that God will continue to comfort His people and His church through online fellowship.

May we press on in the name of Christ and use our time diligently toward the glory of the gospel!

If you have any needs please contact the church website at We will be providing information on how to access live services and studies before Sunday, and on an ongoing basis.

In Christ,

Blake Wilson