Farewell to the Jones as they soon leave for Russia

Sunday’s Testimony by Kreg and Danielle Jones
Title: A Testimony of God’s Grace in Sovereign Timing, Provision, and Guidance

Download: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1199790034

Playback: http://gbcdillon.sermon.net/da/1199790034/play

Let’s be faithful to be praying for Kreg, Danielle, and Lika as they desire to be bright lights for Jesus!  Here is the powerpoint presentation that  goes along with  the audio.   Grace Church Presentation

With prayer, Pastor Mark

2 responses to “Farewell to the Jones as they soon leave for Russia

  1. Kreg and Danielle

    Thanks so much for your support!!!

  2. What an opportunity Kreg and Danielle and Lika have to reflect Christ in the lives of all who know them here in Dillon while they reflect Him in Russia!