The Tension of Love, Forgivness, and Justice

D. A. Carson’s  book, Love in Hard Places (Wheaton: Crossway, 2002) has  challenged me in the past  on the topic of love and forgiveness.   I have and will continue to have the tension that he talks about in the following paragraph from page 83-84:

“The preceding Scriptures suggest that Christians experience an
unavoidable tension. On the one hand, they are called to abandon bitterness,
to be forbearing, to have a forgiving stance even where the
repentance of the offending party is conspicuous by its absence; on the
other hand, their God-centered passion for justice, their concern for
God’s glory, ensure that the awful odium of sin is not glossed over. The
former stance without the latter quickly dissolves into a mushy sentimentality
that forgets how vile sin is; the latter stance without the former
easily hardens into rigid recriminations, self-righteous wrath,
unbending retaliation.”

You can read the book for free as a pdf file by clicking this link: Love in Hard Places

I look forward to worshiping with you on the Lord’s Day!

With prayer,  Pastor Mark

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