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Pastor Don is Back in the Pulpit!

We learned some more lessons today from the life of David as Pastor Don opened the Word of God for us.  Today’s lesson was on handling anger.   Is that something with which you ever have to deal?  No doubt it is!  Give this message a listen for some help with angry people as Pastor Don looks at David and Jonathan and how they deal with King Saul’s anger.

Title:  How do you Handle an Angry Man?



Have a great week seeking the LORD!

With prayer, Pastor Mark

The Tension of Love, Forgivness, and Justice

D. A. Carson’s  book, Love in Hard Places (Wheaton: Crossway, 2002) has  challenged me in the past  on the topic of love and forgiveness.   I have and will continue to have the tension that he talks about in the following paragraph from page 83-84:

“The preceding Scriptures suggest that Christians experience an
unavoidable tension. On the one hand, they are called to abandon bitterness,
to be forbearing, to have a forgiving stance even where the
repentance of the offending party is conspicuous by its absence; on the
other hand, their God-centered passion for justice, their concern for
God’s glory, ensure that the awful odium of sin is not glossed over. The
former stance without the latter quickly dissolves into a mushy sentimentality
that forgets how vile sin is; the latter stance without the former
easily hardens into rigid recriminations, self-righteous wrath,
unbending retaliation.”

You can read the book for free as a pdf file by clicking this link: Love in Hard Places

I look forward to worshiping with you on the Lord’s Day!

With prayer,  Pastor Mark

ServantSong Minstered in Music and Preaching on Sunday, Feb. 19th

We were blessed in uplifting and worshipful music by ServantSong and by the preaching of God’s Word by Professor Ryan Ward from Montana Bible College.

Title: Hope After Failure



If you missed this message, you will be blessed if you take the time to listen.

With prayer, Pastor Mark

Note:  The sermon links now work – We had a glitch for a while, thanks for your patience.

The Art of Marriage: a six-session video event!

We will be hosting this event on Friday, March 9th – 7:00p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
and on Saturday March 10th – 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Early registration is $19.00 each by February 27th

Standard registration is $24.00 starting in March until the 7th

Please contact Peter Eldridge (406) 925-3281
or the church office (406) 683-2877
for more information.



Guided Tour:

We hope to see you on this special weekend in Dillon, Mt for the cause of marriage in our own relationships!

With prayer, Pastor Mark

A Valentine’s Day Message on Love

Why is love so important for Christians?   In today’s message you will find out from the very words of Jesus and from I Corinthians 13, which is known by some as the “Love Chapter” of the Bible.

Title:  Love
Text: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13



Happy Valentine’s Day! True Love is . . .

A Description of  True Love: 

1 Corinthians 13:4-7,  Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;  it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

For a more detailed study of each description click on the highlighted text:

1. Love is patient – It bears injuries or provocation for a long time; it is long-suffering,  not easily provoked – Is there someone you need to continue to be patient with in a loving way?

2. Love is kind – Disposed to do good to others – Is there someone you can show kindness to this week in a loving way?

3. Love does not envy – It desires not to deprive others of what is rightfully theirs, it does not wish that they did not have it or had it to a lesser degree. – Is there someone or something you are envying that is keeping you from being loving?

4. Love is not proud – Is there something that you are proud about that is keeping you from loving God and others?

5. Love is not rude – it is not unseemly, unfit, unbecoming, or indecent. Do you have unloving behavior in your life for which you should receive correction from the Lord, so you can be a more loving person?

6. Love is not selfish – Love does not insist on its own way! Are there some selfish thoughts and motives in your heart that are keeping you from loving others?

7. Love is not irritable – Is not quick-tempered, touchy. Have you been irritable with someone today? If so the loving thing to do is to make it right by asking forgiveness.

8. Love is not resentful – It does not keep a ledger of the wrongs – it does not store up the memory of any wrong it has received. Do you have a list of someone’s wrongs stored up that you just won’t forgive? If so, do the loving thing and give it to God.

9. Love does not rejoice in wrongdoing – Love finds no pleasure in the sin of others that brings hardship and judgment into their lives. If you are rejoicing over the downfall of others, repent and pray for God’s mercy to be upon them.

10. Love rejoices in the truth – What truth have you rejoiced in today? Can you think of something true, that you can rejoice about in a loving way with others?

11. Love bears all things – It enduringly protects and covers the beloved in all things. What ever the hardship, difficulty, attack, and trial, the loving person is there to help, not only to back you up but also to be a shield. Are you being a protecting shield in your love for others?

12. Love believes all things – love is completely trusting, it is not suspicious. Have you failed to give someone the benefit of the doubt lately? The loving thing is to check it out!

13. Love hopes all things – It does not despair, it keeps on hoping for the best in regard for all men. Love refuses to take failure as final it does not give up on someone. Have you been tempted to give up on someone for whom you care deeply? Love keeps caring!

14. Love endures all things – Love sustains the assaults of suffering or persecution, in the sense of bearing up under them, and enduring them patiently. Is your love for someone being tested? Let God help you to love them for the long hall.

Conclusion:  Love Never Fails

Sunday’s Sermon – Feb.5, 2012

Title:  The True Mark of Friendship



Pastor Don uses a You Tube video to make a point in this message.  When you get to that point in the message you may want to pause and watch the video:

If you watch this video please take the time to listen to Pastor Don’s message and application!  Note: This message is less than 30 minutes and is worth the time investment to do so.

With prayer, Pastor Mark