Hospitality to Summer Cyclists

Saturday evening while we worked on Sunday’s bulletin here at the church building we received a phone call from three cyclist, 2 Johns and a Raphael from Australia,  who needed a place to camp-out on their way across the country.  We hosted them at our home and had a great time getting to know them and talking not just about their journey across the country but how God was working in their journey of faith.   They are trying to raise money for the Johns Hopkins Eating Disorder Program   because one of the cyclists has a sister who is struggling through an eating disorder.  You can read about it on his blog and find out more about their cycling adventure as well by clicking here.

We hope you will pray for John’s sister as well as for the three cyclist as they pedal across the USA for a test of endurance, for a time of personal reflection, and for a medical cause.   It was a pleasure to get to know them.   That is the way hospitality is.  You try to be a blessing and in the process  you receive a greater blessing.

Some photos of their stay:

If you would be willing to host some cyclist in the future please let me know.  Some of the groups are much larger and we would not have space for a big group.

Thanks,  Pastor Mark