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Sunday July 31, 2011

We are very disappointed that we are having problems getting the Sunday morning message recorded.  We seem to have a temperamental digital recording deck that must be started in the right sequence or the file becomes  corrupted.  Maybe  there is a lesson for us in this.  Can it sometimes be the same way in our lives? Can you think of some consequences in our lives that happen when we get things out of God’s order?

We had a worshipful Lord’s Day and are already looking forward to next Sunday when we will meet again to worship the Lord together.  Lets remember to keep one another in our prayers.

With prayer, Mark

Sunday July 24th

Today Pastor Don’s title for the message very well sums up the message:  Jesus Christ is our Priest, Advocate and Mediator!  Praise God!

Title:  Priest, Advocate and Mediator

Pastor Mark’s Weekly Devotional

Last week’s devotional spilled over into this week.  I call it a “doubleheader”  when the devotional is twice as long and covers two weeks.   There are some subjects that are difficult to  confine to one page.  So I have devoted two pages single typed to this devotional on the triune nature of God.   Let me know if it is helpful.  Click on the following link to read this week’s devotional:

God is One!

With prayer,  Mark

Sunday July 17th Message

It was a blessing to have Pastor Don back in the pulpit today!  He picked up where he left off in the Hebrews series which we started a few months ago.

Text: Hebrews 4:11-16
Title: The Sword of Judgement and The Throne of Grace

If this message blessed you please pass it on by sharing these links with others!

Also, if you would like a CD of the message, just let me know.

With prayer,  Pastor Mark

Sunday July 10, 2011

We enjoyed the children joining the worship team and helping with a song:

Well, today we had technical problems and the message did not get recorded.  The message from Peter Eldridge was a blessing and very clear.  You had to be here to hear it though.   I will give you the conclusion of the message from Acts 9,  Acts 22:1-15, and Acts 26:4-32 from his hand out:

“Jesus is all you ever need, and nothing else will suffice.  Not being in a strong family, not being a great leader, not having the right credentials, not false humility will save you from yourself . . .

We invite you to join us in worship of our great God and Savior this coming Sunday when Pastor Don will, Lord Willing, be back in the pulpit.

Have a great week serving the Lord!

With prayer, Pastor Mark

Recent “God Is” Devotionals

What a blessing it is to search the Scriptures to see who God is!

Click the following links to see the gold that I have been panning:

God Is Unchanging!

God is Witness!

With Prayer,  Pastor Mark

Recently Recorded Sermon’s at GBC

If you are looking for today’s message, we apologize that it was not recorded by human error.  We just trust God in these matters.  It was a message you had to be here to listen to in person.   However, if you are looking for a sermon to listen to I thought I would list some recent sermons from which you may select. If these messages blessed you, please feel free to copy the links and pass them on through email or facebook.   We want to spread the teaching of God’s Word for the edification of all believers and the reaching of the lost for Christ.

Pastor Don’s Series on Hebrews:

May 1st – Sermon one:  Series Introduction
Title: The Thing about Answers

May 22nd, Sermon tw0: Hebrews 1:1-3 
Title: God Speaks Today

May 29th – Sermon 3: Hebrews 1:3 – 2:4
Title: No Other Way!

Sermon 4:  Not recorded

June 12th – Sermon 5: Hebrews 3:19
Title: Holding Fast to the End

Sermon 6: Not recorded

Pastor Mark’s 2 sermon series on God our Father:

June 19th – Father’s Day:

Title: The Ultimate Father

June 26th – Follow up message after Father’s Day:

Title: When God is Our Father