Amazing Grace! Sunday June 26, 2011

Amazing Grace that Pastor Mark survived driving his Jeep through a moose and is able to preach today!  This photo came up (not humanly planned) when we sang the song Amazing Grace before the Sermon:

Amazing Grace that Pastor Don is with his mother and family in Arizona as his mom is slipping into eternity trusting in Christ.   Pastor Don sent an update text which shared this about his mother, ” She has been in and out of awareness since I got here and seems to have had some TIAs . . .  has been quoting ‘The Lord is my Strength and my Redeemer.'”

Amazing Grace that we can be born into God’s family and can call upon God as our Father.   Pastor Mark preached from the Lord’s prayer from Luke 11:1-4 on how we can live in relationship with God as our Father.

His points were as follows:  When you live in relationship with God as your heavenly Father . . .

1.  You will call upon God as your Father – Luke 11:2a

2. You will revere Your Father’s Name – Luke 11:2b

3. You will desire your Father’s Rule  – Luke 11:2c

4.  You will depend on Your Father’s care – Luke 11:3-4

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Sermon Player Link: When God is Our Father