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First Grace Bible Fellowship!

We had 9 in attendance for a Sunday Evening Fellowship in Horse Prairie.  Praise the Lord!

More Welcomes and Goodbys

Received into Church Membership:

Baptized and moving to Oregon:

Amazing Grace! Sunday June 26, 2011

Amazing Grace that Pastor Mark survived driving his Jeep through a moose and is able to preach today!  This photo came up (not humanly planned) when we sang the song Amazing Grace before the Sermon:

Amazing Grace that Pastor Don is with his mother and family in Arizona as his mom is slipping into eternity trusting in Christ.   Pastor Don sent an update text which shared this about his mother, ” She has been in and out of awareness since I got here and seems to have had some TIAs . . .  has been quoting ‘The Lord is my Strength and my Redeemer.'”

Amazing Grace that we can be born into God’s family and can call upon God as our Father.   Pastor Mark preached from the Lord’s prayer from Luke 11:1-4 on how we can live in relationship with God as our Father.

His points were as follows:  When you live in relationship with God as your heavenly Father . . .

1.  You will call upon God as your Father – Luke 11:2a

2. You will revere Your Father’s Name – Luke 11:2b

3. You will desire your Father’s Rule  – Luke 11:2c

4.  You will depend on Your Father’s care – Luke 11:3-4

Listen to and share this message with the following links:

Sermon Player Link: When God is Our Father

God Is Our Shield!

Read about God being my shield when I ran through a moose on I-15 coming home from dropping Tammie off in Helena.





Click the following link to read this week’s “God Is” devotional:

God is our Shield! I Know!

Praising God for life,   Pastor Mark

Happy Father’s Day to the Men of Grace Bible Church!

This week’s devotional on who God IS  turned out long enough to cover for last week’s devotional that I missed and this coming week’s devotional as well.  It turned out to be about 3 pages single typed.  I try to keep them to one page.  However, this one comes out just in time for Father’s Day and focuses on the Ultimate Father– God.

I hope you will take time to read it and think about the wonder of being called a child of God and being able to personally call the Creator God of this universe, ABBA, FATHER!  Click on the following link to see what I’m talking about:

God Is our Father

I would appreciate your prayers as I open the Word on Sunday on Father’s Day.

Blessings,  Pastor Mark


Hebrews Series: Message 5

In today’s message Pastor Don, shared part of his own testimony of how he came to trust in Christ and work through some scary passages that seem to possibly indicate that one could lose his or her salvation.  Follow along closely and you will see that those who truly trust in Christ will “indeed . . . hold our original confidence firm to the end.”

Text: Hebrews Chapter 3
Title:  Holding Fast to the End

Enjoyable Fellowship and Delicious Brazilian Barbeque!

The Message for Sunday, June 5

Today, there were some difficulties in getting the message recorded, so here is the outline, and a short comment about what the message covered.

The Inspiration of Suffering             Hebrews 2:5-18

1.  Jesus’suffering crowned Him with glory and honor.

2.  Jesus’ suffering perfected Him as Savior.

3.  Jesus’ suffering made Him our Brother and this helps us in our

The Hebrews who were professing faith in Christ were facing all kinds of persecution and suffering.  They were tempted to go back to the faith system “delivered by angels” and get away from the problems of professing faith in Christ.  They are first instructed that Jesus is superior to angels, and that there is no escape from God’s judgment anywhere other than faith in Christ.  And then in our passage for today, they are shown how Jesus, by His own suffering, is the inspiration for our suffering.  We can continue on, and trust the Lord, who “tasted death for everyone,” and we can suffer because He suffered.

Today people would like to escape the suffering that comes from professing Christ in the same way as the Hebrews.  Jesus is like the captain on the ballfield of life and salvation, who came onto the ballfield with us, the team.  His suffering as a man, like a captain taking injuries with the team, inspires us to endure suffering in the cause of the game.  In order to come onto the ballfield with us, Jesus became fully a man and lived a life of suffering for us, finally suffering in death out of obedience to the plan of the Father, to save us from our sin.  He was carried off the ballfield after suffering to the death, buried, and rose up from the grave, proving He was the prophecied Son of God.  We can look to Him who suffered as a man, suffering even to His death, for us, and we can have the kind of enduring faith that saves, given only by God’s grace.

We have the inspiration of suffering.