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Trusting God and Giving Thanks in Difficult Times: Romans 8:28

Thomas Brooks, 1662

All the sins of the saints

“We know that all things work together for good,
to those who love God, to those who are called
according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

All the afflictions, and
all the temptations, and
all the desertions, and
all the oppressions, and
all the oppositions, and
all the persecutions—
which befall a godly man,
shall work for his good.

Every cross, and
every loss, and
every disease—
which befall the holy man,
shall work for his good.

Every device,
every snare,
every deceit,
every depth,
every stratagem,
and every enterprise of Satan against
the holy man, shall work for his good.

They shall all help to make him . . .
more humble,
more holy,
more heavenly,
more spiritual,
more faithful,
more fruitful,
more watchful.

Every prosperity and every adversity;
every storm and every calm;
every bitter and every sweet;
every cross and every comfort—
shall work for the holy man’s good.

When God gives a mercy—
that shall work for his good.
When God takes away a mercy—
that shall work for his good.

Yes, even all the falls and all the sins of
the saints shall work for their good. Oh . . .
the care,
the fear,
the watchfulness,
the tenderness,
the zeal—
which God raises in the souls of His saints by their
very falls! Oh the hatred, the indignation, and the
detestation—which God raises in the hearts of His
children against sin—by their very falling into sin!

Oh what love to Christ,
what thankfulness for Christ,
what admiration of Christ,
what cleaving to Christ,
what exalting of Christ,
what drawings from Christ’s grace—
are saints led to, by their very falls!

It is the glory of God’s holiness, that . . .
He can turn spiritual diseases—into holy remedies!
He can turn soul poisons—into heavenly cordials!
He can prevent sin by sin, and cure falling by falling!

O Christian! What though friends and relations frown upon you,
what though enemies are plotting and conspiring against you,
what though needs, like armed men, are breaking in upon you,
what though men rage, and devils roar against you,
what though sickness is devastating your family,
what though death stands every day at your elbow—
yet there is no reason for you to fear nor faint, because
all these things shall work for your good! Yes, there is
wonderful cause of joy and rejoicing in all the afflictions
and tribulations which come upon you—considering that
they shall all work for your good.

O Christians! I am afraid, I am afraid—that you do not
run so often as you should—to the breasts of this promise,
nor draw that sweetness and comfort from it, that it would
yield, and that your several cases may require. “We know
that all things work together for good, to those who love
God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” I
have been the longer upon this verse, because the condition
of God’s people calls for the strongest cordials, and the
choicest and the sweetest comforts.

Thomas Brooks, 1662

Pastor Don’s Message on Sunday, March 20th

Title: Missed Blessings



What are we about as a church?

You may have noticed the two phrases here on this site and on our church sign that say: Learning to Know God…….Inviting the Community.  We chose these phrases because they sum up what we are about.  We are not talking about learning to know things about God.  There are many things a person can know about God without knowing Him.  We want to know Him and be transformed by that personal relationship.  Jesus said, “If you had known me, you would have known my Father also.” (jn.14.7).  It would not matter what Jesus said if He had not fulfilled all prophecy and risen from the grave on the third day.  His death on the cross reconciles those who place their faith in Him, bringing them back from the broken relationship caused by sin.  He cancels our debt of sin simply because of His grace when we turn from everything else in our life, and from trusting anything else, to trusting Him as Lord and Savior.  This is what Jesus called repentance.  He gets the glory and credit for this.  Even our faith is a gift from Him.  This is the beginning of learning to know Him.  We invite you to come along with us in this.  Learn what it means to trust Him as Savior and join us in learning to know Him!


Pastor Don Julian


Fellowship Meal

Our new carpet in the fellowship hall  helped with the sound problem: Praise the Lord!


Baptism and Child Dedication

We praise the Lord for how He works in the lives of those who yield to Him!

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